Know Thy Researcher

Conceiving an idea, pursuing its experimental validation, publication, ground trial and finally making it available to human kind takes a lot of paid and generous contributions of researchers. Individual efforts form the basis of any transformative scientific development and become crucial in the evolution of any field of study. It is therefore important to recognize researchers and their contributions. Approximately 1.5 million research papers were published in journals in 2010 alone. At an average of 3 authors per paper, excluding multiple papers per author, the lowest estimate of the number of unique researchers listed would be about 4.5 to 5 million per year. How does one recognize each author and their work? It is a cumbersome job for other researchers, employers and stakeholders to identify each researcher based on some of the current literature citation protocols and formats. Continue reading


Google Meets Life Sciences

p-13m-technology-patient-centered-careHot and dry Dallas evening. After fighting the traffic and looking for a non-existing parking space, I finally made it to the event featuring a presentation by Dr. Andy Conrad, CEO of Google X Life Science. Eclectic atmosphere, sticky floors near the bar and dim lights fit perfectly to the occasion. I scanned the packed room and quickly noticed prominent scientists and biotechnology leaders mixed with graduate students, postdocs, and other attendees. The diverse audience made it clear that not only the scientific community was eager to hear the latest news from Verily (a new name for Google X), the most interesting and mysterious division under the Alphabet umbrella. Continue reading