“Ask a Scientist” Program – A direct link between UTSW trainees and the public

This fall marks the beginning of the “Ask a Scientist” program, launched by SPEaC with open participation from a number of UT Southwestern trainees. The concept is simple: members of the public submit their questions directly to SPEaC during our outreach events and we answer them via YouTube videos made by members of the UTSW community. Questions have been submitted by children and adults, and they have included any science inquiry they want. All questions are valid; anything goes!

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October: a month of science discovery

The month of October brings us pumpkin-spiced everything, cool weather and all things Halloween. Throughout history, October has also been marked by countless events that changed the course of many scientific disciplines. In this blog post I will present 10 of the most relevant events, which, in my humble opinion, helped thrust their respective fields into new eras of technological innovation. Continue reading