Threat of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria are on the Rise.

Anti-bacterial drugs, known as antibiotics, have saved countless lives by decreasing the severity of bacterial infections and reducing the health risk to humans. However, diverse bacterial species are continually mounting new defenses against anti-bacterial compounds, resulting in antibiotic resistance. Incidences of antibiotic resistant bacteria are now popping up throughout the world in staggering numbers. According to the CDC, last year the U.S. population experienced over 2 million illnesses due to antibiotic resistant bacteria. Of those reported illnesses, approximately 23,000 people died. Continue reading


Budget Pressures are Hurting American Research

The future of the American scientific enterprise is looking bleak with the current budget levels and future budget projections. As the value of funding that congress appropriates for research and development (R&D) shrinks, scientists are starting to wonder whether they will have a job in the future and even wonder whether their profession is worth pursuing (1). In this blog post, I hope to provide a short overview of the financial situation surrounding R&D research, and present several outcomes resulting from the country’s current austerity measures. Continue reading