Meeting Beatriz M.A. Fontoura

Interview with Beatriz Fontoura, who focuses on the cell biology of viral-host interactions at UT Southwestern

Dr. Beatriz Fontoura

After graduating from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil, with a degree in Biochemistry, Beatriz Fontoura pursued a master’s degree in the Paulista School of Medicine in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She then moved to New York where she was awarded a PhD from the New York University School of Medicine. She stayed in New York during her postdoctoral training in the Laboratory of Cell Biology at The Rockefeller University until she moved to Miami to start her own lab at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Fontoura was recruited4 years later to join UT Southwestern in 2005, where she is currently a Professor of Cell Biology, leading a team that studies interactions of virulence factors from RNA viruses with the host’s processes of mRNA splicing and nuclear export.B

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Meeting Jane Johnson

Interview with Jane Johnson, who studies nervous system development at UT Southwestern

After graduating from University of Washington, with a degree in Chemistry, Jane Johnson continued her studies with a PhD in Biochemistry at the same University. She Picture1then moved south, from Seattle to Pasadena, to embrace a postdoctoral position at the California Institute of Technology studying neural development. It was there where she discovered Ascl1, an essential transcription factor in nervous system development that plays a key role in the research of her laboratory. Johnson joined UT Southwestern in 1992, where she is currently a Professor and Vice-Chair in the Department of Neuroscience, Professor in the Department of Pharmacology, and holds the Shirley and William S. McIntyre Distinguished Chair in Neuroscience.

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Meeting Ann Stowe

Interview with Ann Stowe, who studies the neuroimmune mechanisms underlying stroke recovery at UT Southwestern

With PhD in Molecular & Integrative Physiology at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Ann Stowe embraced translational research by pursuing postdoctoral training in a one-year clinical trial at the Landon Center on Aging, at the University of Kansas Medical Center. She then moved to Washington University in St. Louis to continue postdoctoral training in neurophysiology. Stowe joined UT Southwestern in 2010, where she is currently Assistant Professor in the Neurology & Neurotherapeutics Department. Stowe is invested in Science communication and Policy.

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The microbiome: our gut feeling

The microbiome: billions of microorganisms living inside our gut. The microbiome is a very in fashion topic in Science these days. Scientists have been finding that the composition of bacteria in our guts imposes many consequences on our lives.

~ our gut is anything but boring ~


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