Introduction to the SPEaC Club Blog

Welcome to our blog for the Science Policy, Education, and Communication (SPEaC) Club at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas! We have now officially launched our blog, so you can expect to see regular updates by our contributors.

Science policy

So, who writes this blog?

The contributors are all graduate students, medical students, and postdoctoral trainees at UT Southwestern Medical Center. You can see the list of authors on the right side of this page. Any opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of individual authors, and authors do not speak in any official capacity for UT Southwestern Medical Center or any other organization to which they happen to belong.

What is the purpose of this blog and the SPEaC Club?

The scientific enterprise can inform many challenges we face today, from easing health burdens to reducing climate change and finding alternate energy sources. At the same time, funding for science has plateaued, and the U.S. Congress is very hesitant to increase spending. Additionally, personal opinions and misunderstandings of underlying scientific findings have exacerbated political disagreements among lawmakers in recent years. For these reasons, advocating for science, speaking about its benefits, and disseminating information to the general public are vital for the future of scientific research as well as for human progress.

As described in our “About” section, we belong to this club because we have a passion for science communication and a desire to affect science policy at the local, regional, and national levels. This blog is one method by which we aim to reach audiences inside and outside of our academic circles, and we will use it to hone our communication skills, educate the public, and disseminate news relevant to science policy or communication.

Who should read this blog?

We hope to reach a wide audience with this blog, including academic researchers, private industry stakeholders, policymakers, educators, and individuals interested in scientific discoveries and the role of science in our society. Our aim is to keep the tone relatively informal and the jargon level low so that the scientific findings and policy issues we discuss are easy to digest and understand.

What should readers expect from the blog?

After this introductory post, our contributors will focus each update on a particular policy issue, scientific finding, or current event. Each contributor will likely have their own focus, but collectively we will have regular postings that cover a breadth of topics at the intersection of science, society, and public policy.

Once again, we welcome you to our blog. Stay tuned for the first update!

Editor: Thomas Calder


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